R&G PLUS Sp. z o.o. was established in 2003 and traces its origin back to Zakłady Elektroniki i Mechaniki Precyzyjnej „R&G” S.A. (Precision Electronics and Mechanics Plant “R&G” Joint Stock Company, Polish abbreviation – ZEiMP R&G S.A.). The parent company, ZEiMP R&G S.A., commenced its public transport-related business in 1991, when it manufactured an electronic ticket validating machine which along with a data computer became immediately best-selling products, as they enabled transport companies to record (mark) tickets very precisely and introduce diverse fares, which consequently resulted in a considerable increase in revenues. Furthermore, the system allowed for the monitoring of drivers’ working time and the manner of using vehicles, which led also to improving the punctuality of transportation services, and therefore very quickly let win the trust of passengers who more and more frequently decided to travel by this means of transport.  

Since then, our design engineers have been constantly focusing on handling everyday challenges raised by companies that provide collective passenger transport. The result of our hard work enables us to offer our own comprehensive systems which aid public transport management. Those systems include software and hardware, both of which are made by ourselves. In our offer, there are also products and solutions intended for visually- and hearing-impaired people, which help them use a means of collective passenger transport without anybody’s assistance, and which substantially facilitate the travelling by tourists and the people who use public transport rarely, making it more accessible.  

From the very beginning of its existence, R&G has been placing every client at the centre of attention, which allows us to meet the requirements imposed on us in an appropriate manner. After more than 20 years of our business activity on both Polish and international markets, we can assert that our company is one of the largest suppliers of information technology solutions for collective passenger transport, which is confirmed by the vast number of our clients. Nevertheless, due to the fact that we are a company which is learning and constantly improving its solutions, we know how much there is still to do, particularly on the EU markets, where competition is based, first of all, on the guarantee of highest quality.

Our products have been awarded and recognised several times.

  • A Golden Medal for a passenger information display TIP-10172210-01 – 2014.
  • The Award of distinction for the Internet-based System for loading electronic cards - 2013.
  • The Award of distinction for the Mobile on-line passenger information system myBus in 2013.
  • A Golden Medal for the Depot Vehicle Supervision System (SNPZ) – A Golden Medal in 2010.
  • The Award of distinction in economy at the 7th Podkarpacie Region Economic Awards edition in 2008.
  • The Forbes Diamonds ranking distinction in 2008.
  • A Golden Medal for the Dynamic passenger information display system in 2006.
  • A Golden Medal for the electronic contactless card-based ticket system in 2004.
  • The Municipal Transport Golden Wheels Award for the Fare charging system for public transport based on an electronic contactless card ticket in 2001.
  • The Award of distinction for the Real-Time Traffic Control System in 2000.
  • The Municipal Transport Golden Wheels Award for a Cash Register in 1999.
  • The Municipal Transport Golden Wheels Award for an Electronic ticket validating machine in 1998.
  • The Municipal Transport Golden Wheels Award for the Audiovisual Information System for Municipal Transport Vehicles System in 1997.
  • and many more.

The Management Board & the Supervisory Board